Buxtehude: The Fantastic Style

March 13, 2015 at 7:30 pm
Croatian Cultural Center, 801 5th Street, Anacortes

Dietrich Buxtehude was one of the most ingenious proponents of the Stylus Fantasticus, or the Fantastic Style. The root of this style of baroque music lies in the early Italian instrumental music of the first decades of the 17th century. Free improvisation was an important element, and often ground basses (repeated bass patterns) were used for these elaborate, amazing improvisations.

2015-0313-Linda-Melsted 2015-0313-Jillon-Stoppels-Dupree John Dornenburg

Linda Melsted – baroque violin
Jillon Dupree – harpsichord
John Dornenburg - viola da gamba


Music is the conjuring of the past ideas made new, and the end result is the sharing with others, fellow musicians, conductor, and, of course, the audience. A shared experience that can touch the heart, the mind, the soul of one and all listeners for that moment in time to unite us all in community – those who make the music and those who listen. Music cannot be solitary; rather, music is the embodiment of community, striving for harmony yet requiring individuality in the midst of mutuality.

– Rosalie Romano

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